Best Survival Food Kits Reviewed

By Colleen •  Updated: 12/17/21 •  12 min read

No matter the situation, you should have several survival food kits in storage. This article will review the 12 best survival food kits available.

With so much going on in the world these days, having emergency food in the house you and your family can rely on is essential. I’m not saying that the situation needs to be a zombie apocalypse. However, it can be situations such as floods or hurricanes. There are times when help cannot arrive at people’s homes on time. So, if a person has prepared for such a disaster, they can survive for a while before help arrives.

The 12 Best Emergency And Survival Food Kits

The good thing about survival food kits is that they can last for months and years, making them ideal for emergency preparedness because even if you don’t use them within a year, you will not have wasted your money. Therefore, you can start by checking out the following:

My Patriot Supply Food
These cans have black and white packaging that makes them look classy and unique. My patriotic supply offers a 10% discount for people with a military discount. This company stands out because it provides other emergency preparedness items like first aid kits, heirloom seeds, and water filtration seeds.

My Patriot Pros

NuManna is different from other companies because they offer non-GMO and MSG-free products. The company packages its products into Defender, Family, and Combo Packs.

NuManna Pros

Thrive Life
Many companies prefer dried foods because they can last for years without spoiling. But it would help if you had a lot of water to prepare these foods. Thrive Life offers freeze-dried products that don’t need water to prepare and still have the essential nutrients even after years of storing them. This company focuses more on the ingredients and nutrients than the meal.

Thrive Life Pros

Augason Farms Emergency Foods
Augason Farms started by producing Morning Moo’s Milk, instant milk that could last a long time. Over the years, they have progressed, and their products are widely available in stores such as Costo, Sam’s Club, WinCo, Associated Foods, and Walmart. Today, they focus on producing food supplies that can last for a long time.

Augason Farms Pros

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply
Wise is a company that offers all-around products that accommodate very individual individuals. They provide both freeze-dried and dehydrated foods for long-term storage and daily use. You can purchase their products for hiking and camping that come packed for families, couples, and individuals.

Wise Company Freeze Dried Food Pros

Mountain House Emergency Food Supply
Mountain House started in Oregon by creating freeze-dried foods for the military. Over the years, they have supplied their products, like their just-in-case emergency food supply, to backpackers, preppers, campers, and hikers. They sell pouches, pro-packs, emergency kits, and buckets.

Mountain House Pros

Legacy Food Storage
Legacy Food Storage formed the company in 2006, based in Salt Lake City. Legacy Food Storage is different because it sells emergency food at low prices and guarantees free shipping to every person within the U.S. The company has many group discounts and payment policies.

Legacy Emergency Food Pros

Backpackers Pantry
Backpackers Pantry is a Colorado-based company that was inspired by a group of Girl Scouts. The company’s primary focus is on outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking. However, it also sells emergency supplies in # 10 cans.

Backpackers Pantry Pros

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply Adventure Bag
The ReadyWise company has an adventure bag that mainly serves people who focus on outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking.

ReadyWise Pros

ReadyWise Long-Term Emergency Food Supply
ReadyWise also has emergency buckets that are for long-term supplies. The long-term emergency food supply comes in a two-bucket kit. The bucket kits contain 240 servings, serving a family for a month. However, the buckets can last you for four months if you are by yourself.

ReadyWise Food Bucket Pros

4Patriots Survival Food Supply
Finding emergency meals you can grab and place in your bag is difficult. However, the company, 4Patriots, has a smaller package, enough for one person. The product can last an individual for 72 hours and offers 16 servings.

4patriots Survival Food Kits Pros

S.O.S. Emergency Rations Bag
The S.O.S. offers portable bags that people can quickly grab and stock in their cars. The company manufactures the products to serve people conducting outdoor activities and preppers.

S.O.S. Emergency Food Ration Pros

Things To Consider When Buying Survival Food Kits

  1. You can now order emergency supplies suitable for both you and your family.
  2. Consider the nutritional value or caloric content of each food kit collection.
  3. Whether preparing for or planning an outdoor activity, you must check the shelf life and whether a product loses flavor after being stored for an extended period.
  4. The number of servings in each pack is also essential, especially if you have a family to share and estimate the number of packages you will require.
  5. Finally, it is crucial to determine whether you can easily prepare a meal or follow specific steps to cook the food.

Many businesses have sprung up over the years to ensure that people are ready for such disasters when they occur. Companies also produce food for outdoor activities. They have created various food kits that people can use to survive, each containing a different type of food. It is, however, difficult to find a food kit that includes a balanced diet.


Living in a world where uncertainties can arise, Colleen has taken it upon herself to master the art of survival in the face of natural or civil disasters. With a background in outdoor activities and a keen interest in learning essential survival skills, Colleen has dedicated time to acquiring knowledge in areas such as wilderness survival, first aid, and emergency response.

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