Best Machetes for Survival – Top 15 Survival Machete Reviews

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Tools such as knives and machetes played an important in the survival of early humans, and the evolution of the machete made survival easier. It’s a big help in hunting, blazing trails, and fending off enemies.

In a moment, we will look at the uses and how to choose the best survival machete for you personally. For now, let us review the top 15 best machetes for survival.

Top 15 Best Machetes for Survival Reviewed

Yoshimi Survival Machete by Condor Tool & Knife – Price is $191.66
Yoshimi Survival Machete By Condor is one of the best survival tools you can buy, crafted from the highest quality materials. Every detail and the build quality of this machete is exceptional, from its blade material to the handle, which is perfectly made for enhanced performance. This machete is a high-carbon steel blade and is perfect for bushwhacking and self-defense. It’s a lightweight tool at only 2.96 lbs. with a comfortable Micarta handle.

Condor Machete Features
Condor features high carbon steel for its blade. This type of steel is tougher than some stainless steel, and its higher carbon content makes it tougher compared to most standard blades of carbon steel. Its toughness can last for decades as long as it is correctly cared for. Its blade length is over 19 in. with its slender that features a sharpened point for self-defense and skinning. The shape of its blade is also practical for a litany of various tasks.

On its handle, you will find Micarta, which is a composite material that is unique and composed of linen, fiberglass, paper, and carbon fiber. It does not have any contours, and having a Micarta texture can improve its grip. This survival machete has a durable sheath with several straps for additional security.

Yoshimi Survival Machete Pros and Cons
It’s a lightweight tool that is extremely sharp right out of the box with a solid high carbon steel blade, but this is not a budget tool to buy because of its price.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete – Price = $69.95
This is one of the best machetes that is made from 1085 carbon steel with a black epoxy powder coating. With its rubberized handle, Kraton fits well in anyone’s hand. It is essential to wear gloves at all times when you are doing some heavy-duty tasks, as Kraton can cause blisters. The Ka-Bar Kukris are not as strong as a bolo, but they do an excellent job of cleaning and chopping small branches, and this is a great campsite companion.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Features

Ka-Bar Kukri Machete Pros and Cons
The good thing about this machete is its leather and Cordura sheath, 1085 carbon steel, non-slip Kraton handle, and its edge holds up great. The only mild complaint is that its sheath is a little bit awkward to carry; its rubber handle can cause blisters, and the sheath has an end and belt loops but still does not sit well.

Condor Parang Machete – Price = $93.48
This Parang machete by Condor features a 17.5-inch blade that is made of heavy-duty 1075 high-carbon steel. It is coated in a black epoxy powder, making it a durable, flexible, powerful, long-lasting tool.

Parang Machete Features
Its curved blade easily cuts through brush, vines, and small trees, eliminating all vegetation and allowing you to set up camp anywhere you want in a few strokes. It is also used in self-defense against some dangerous animals.

The Condor Parang weighs only 1 pound, so wrist fatigue is minimized. Its blade is about a quarter of an inch thick at its handle, thins to the point, and is a full-tang, which means this tool runs through the handle, giving a good balance for heavy-duty use. The hardwood handle is best designed for comfort and control that has a hole for the lanyard.

Parang Machete Details:

Pros and Cons of The Parang Machete
It’s a lightweight, durable, and flexible tool with an ergonomic handle. The cons are that it has a thinner blade than some machetes, and there were reports of a piece of the handle breaking off.

Kershaw Camp 10 – The price is $51.99
The Kershaw Camp 10 Tan full tang machete is durable 65Mn blade steel and has a textured grip designed for heightened safety when used rigorously. It has a black powder coat that makes maintenance easy, and its sheath is made from a tan nylon polymer threaded with glass for added strength. It weighs over 1 pound; this Kershaw machete is a great survival gear tool for traveling off the beaten path that is light enough to take anywhere.

Kershaw Camp 10 Features
Its blade is strong enough regardless of how light the tool is, and it is made out of stainless steel that measures 10 inches long. The blade design is quite versatile and has a subtle curve. Its blade is the best cutting tool for clearing small tree branches and brushes. It also has a sharp point for a more delicate touch job. Its entire blade has a black-coated powder finish that is tough and durable, which helps keep the steel safe from oxidation. The included sheath is as tough as its full tang blade, which is made of glass and nylon polymer. As a result, it is durable and rigid enough to prevent some accidental knicks.

Kershaw Camp 10 Pros and Cons
This machete is lightweight and well-balanced, having a comfortable textured grip with a black powder-coated finish that protects the blade. Pulling it out of its sheath can be awkward sometimes.

Schrade Kukri Machete Schkm1 – Price $37.99
This heavy-duty machete is a Kukri style from Schrade. It is the best kukri machete for swinging and for camping, survival, and bushcraft. Its stainless blade is made of reliable 3cr13 powder-coated, rounded, and curved material. It has a pointed tip, and both sides of the blade are curved to meet it. Delicate contours make this tool aerodynamic, and there are cutouts to make sure that it slices through the air so you do not miss a beat.

To help you swing efficiently and comfortably, the Schrade Kukri Machete uses an anti-slip grip. It is made out of textured plastic, and its finger contours ensure that you can hold it tightly for use. It is a 19.7-inch machete, and its 13.3 inches belong to a curved blade. It features a Ferro rod, a lanyard hole, and a sharpening stone. It has a convenient polyester sheath for the leg, shoulder, or belt loop.

Schrade Schkm1 Machete Pros and Cons
The Kukri machete is easy to swing and has a comfortable anti-slip handle. Its disadvantage is that it is a bit heavier than some other survival machete options.

Sheffield Machete Bolo Blade – The price is $24.99
This machete from Sheffield has a lot to offer. Its bolo design is versatile enough to serve you at its best during survival situations. This bolo blade has a 420 stainless steel blade and comes with a 1680D ballistic nylon combat sheath. This is an ultra-sharp full-tang survival knife, and you can easily hold its aggressively scalloped grip even when your hand is wet. Sheffield used stainless steel to craft the bolo blade. It features a dramatic contour throughout.

The thinner blade is best for nuanced tasks like shaving and whittling down wood. The dual-sided edges and sharpened points have you covered when you are doing some more significant jobs. It is perfect for self-defense and can quickly help you do things like cutting construction or food processing. Its blade is powder-coated for protection against corrosion. You can have this bolo machete in a handful of configurations. This particular model sports a ten-and-a-half-inch blade. But you can also choose as small as 8 in. or as large as 14 in. Choose what size fits best for your needs.

Sheffield Machete Pros and Cons
It has a durable stainless steel blade and dual-sided edges that provide outstanding versatility. However, its grip comfort varies significantly with different hand sizes.

Gerber Gator Machete
This black Gerber Gator machete is all about giving the best performance without weighing you down. Its lightweight design is the most impressive feature. It has a high carbon steel blade, an overall length of 25.7 inches, and a weight of 18 oz.; gator grip over mold; and includes a riveted nylon sheath. It has a straight blade made of high-carbon steel for ultimate and long-lasting durability. A smooth cutting blade makes quick work of wood and brush on one side. There is also a fine tip that does a fine job of puncturing the skin of animals. On the other side, there’s an entire wood saw blade. Its sharp teeth can help cut thicker branches or larger tree trunks with its sharp teeth. Thanks to its Gator Grip handle, you will have complete control over this tool no matter how you use it.

Gerber Gator Machete Pros and Cons
It has a sharp sawtooth edge that is well-made and is lightweight despite its length. The problem is its grip does not provide much for your fingers to grasp.

Kershaw Camp 18 Machete – Price = $58.63
The Kershaw Camp 18 machete sports a black powder-coated finish with a 65 MN steel fixed blade to give you the best wear resistance. The carbon content has a full-tang knife with high hardness and strength for hard-use applications. The thickness of the blade is 5.08 mm, and the total weight of this machete is 2.6 lbs. This tool is a perfect companion in farms, camps, and deep jungles that makes light work of removing small trees and clearing brush. Even in a soggy and humid condition, you will get a secure grip with a textured, over-molded solid polymer handle. The built-in guard handle has a lanyard hole in the back and front, and it has a molded sheath and a sturdy nylon strap.

More About The Kershaw Camp 18

Kershaw Camp 18 Pros and Cons
It has a secure grip handle and a 65n solid steel with carbon content. There were some reports of blade coating eroding.

Gator Bolo Machete – Price = $48
This Gator Bolo Machete is a traditional tool with solid striking power, durability, and super strong corrosion/resistance of a 1050 steel blade. It is a great survival machete that cuts through heavy-duty trees, brushes, and some materials with just a few strokes. It is a lightweight tool weighing 1.3 lbs for you to clear campsites and trails effortlessly. This bolo machete has a length of 22.5 inches and a weight of 20.8 oz. With its size, it is a decent swing and heft for taking down anything that needs to be clear in your path.

Gator Bolo Features

Pros and Cons
It has a rugged carbon steel blade with an ergonomic non-slip grip and a limited lifetime warranty. Some of its cons are the handle, which could be of better quality, and reports of blade chipping.

Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife
This tool is handmade in Nepal with a thin 10-inch full-tang blade that is extra-strong and made of 5160 high-grade carbon steel. It has a 10mm thick blade weighing 1.98 lbs. Its durable handle is made of rosewood. The quality of the steel used in crafting this machete makes it easy to stay sharp and sharpen. It is comfortable, lightweight, and a favorite among hikers, campers, and survivalists. It has a leather sheath for protection and easy access with cotton-lined buffalo skin.

Gurkha Kukri Features:

SOGFari Survival Machete
This SOG mc04-n tanto 10-inch machete is a 2-in-1 machete and wood saw. It has a full-tang black blade that is 10 inches long and has a straight edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other side with a strong tip for piercing. Its two-sided fixed blade is durable, with 3cr13 solid stainless steel and a non-slip black Kraton handle. It has an extended spike tang on the handle to make it suitable for printing and scraping. It measures a total length of 16 inches and 13.5 ounces of lightweight. It comes with a solid ballistic nylon sheath with a belt loop.

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete
The KA-BAR company is known for its high-quality products, and this Kukri machete coming from them is no exception. The KA-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri machete is a powerful tool that chops brush and wood without vigorous effort. The Kukri carbon steel blade is heavy-duty, measures 11.5 inches, and is lightweight at only 1.7 lbs. This tool is imported from Taiwan and is excellent for clearing campsites and more. It has a black leather sheath that is combined with Cordura. It has a non-slip handle and a Dragon G thermoplastic elastomer that is ergonomically designed and comfortable to carry.

Shrade Schbolo Survival Machete – Price is $44.97
This Shrade’s Bolo machete talks more about the manufacturer’s quality standard. Its bulging shape gives the machete the insane, best chopping power and more of its cutting surface. It has a short and robust blade that measures 14 inches long. The blade loses its edge vastly, but this tool is easy because of its sharpening stone to re-sharpen. You will get a heavy-duty sheath for storage and a reasonable weight that makes it easy to carry around.

Condor Bolo Machete
This sharp Condor bolo machete has a blade that is 15 inches long and is made of 5mm-1075 high carbon steel. The extra-thick blade can slice through brush and thick limbs. It has brass rivets that you can’t see easily, adding more strength to the blade. It has a smooth, wooden handle that is comfortable to hold but is not texturized for gripping, especially if you have sweaty hands. The Condo bolo is slightly heavier than other machetes but is exceptionally durable and has a sharp edge. Its tip is super sharp for piercing, and its full-tang construction provides a good balance. Overall, this tool is well-made and practical.

Condor Bolo Machete Pros and Cons
It has an extra-thick blade for dense vegetation, a blade that maintains a sharp edge, and hidden brass rivets for extra strength. Its cons are it is a bit heavy, and the handle is not textured for grip.

Ontario Knife Company Machete
The Ontario Knife Company 6120 1-18sbk machete has a carbon blade of 18 inches with a zinc finish. It has a flat-grind blade with a thickness of 0.12 inches, and straight-cut saw teeth, and its full-tang construction provides a good balance. Its steel compression rivets give this tool extra strength. Its handle is rugged molded plastic, but there is no sheath included. Ontario Knife Company has already been manufacturing survival machetes under US government specifications for more than 60 years with the same and best quality. Its overall length is 24 inches, and its weight at 1 lb. and 5.3 oz.

Ontario Knife Company Machete Pros and Cons
This reputable company makes this machete with a robust Sawback blade and wheel construction rivets. However, its plastic handle is not well set, and no sheath is included.

Survival Machete 101
Instead of buying a machete because of its look, make sure to purchase one with functional and reliable features. There are essential factors to consider for selecting the best machete for survival, like its handle, materials, features, quality, and even the price. Survival machetes are versatile tools that you can have in your go or bug-out bag. It does not matter whether you are working in the backyard, trekking through the rough wilderness, or in an SHTF scenario; having a tool like a machete will keep you safe. These high-impact tools have a broad blade between 12.8 to 17.7 inches long. Some of these tools have a simple design, but everything has its features and purpose. On one end, it has a versatile grip and a durable handle that allows you to hold the blade so the machete will meet your needs.

Uses of Survival Machetes In A Disaster Or Emergency
These tools are not just for a single purpose only. They may replace some tools and provide multi-purpose functionality in any environment. These are the possible uses of machetes:

The discovery of metal marked a turning point in tool history, and nowadays, advancements in metalwork and iron smelting ensure that manufacturers can produce the best survival machetes.


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