Best Survival Saw – Top 7 Based On Quality & Lowest Price

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These seven survival saws are portable and can make your life easier on the streams or trails while you are backpacking, camping, or in a disaster survival mode. The proper lightweight saw can be a lifesaver if emergencies happen and you are in or need to go to the wilderness. You can compare these models from brands like Sven, Bahco, and Silky for you to evaluate if these top-rated saws can cut when it comes to their cutting ability, versatility, and ease of carrying.

These survival saws are all designed to be used by one hand only, occupy little space for your gear, cut brush and branches for firewood, and aid you in constructing a shelter. This article is all about the top 7 best survival saws reviewed and some best ones for you to use with their different features and usage. And the factors you need to consider if you are looking for the best saw.

Top 7 Best Survival Saws Reviewed

Corona RS 7265d Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

This survival saw is a top choice online because of its hardened impulse teeth that are very durable and composed of razor teeth that are three-sided to ensure smooth cutting and less friction. It has a curvature of the blade for a user to have enough control during cutting.

This is a top pick for the best backpacking folding saw that is 10 inches long, which gives you the best size. The curved blade can manage logs up to 5 to 6 inches in diameter without having any trouble. This saw comes in 3 different sizes – 7, 8, and ten inches.

Its time of cutting is 2x faster than the standard saw. Its taper ground teeth are chrome-plated, resulting in overall efficiency and prolonged life. The blade of this saw is made of high-quality steel with intense hardened teeth, and for long-term uses, it can hold up better than other survival saws.

Corona RS 7265D Pros and Cons
It has an ergonomic handle designed for additional comfort, a chrome-plated blade, a secure safety latch, hardened teeth that are an impulse for long-wearing sharpness, and a three-sided razor tooth. Some of its disadvantages are it cannot carve large logs easily, is a bigger saw compared to others, the handle does not fully cover its teeth, and it does not seem super durable.

Boreal21 Folding Saw (by Agawa Canyon)

Agawa Canyon makes the BOREAL21 folding survival saw a pretty impressive engineering feat. When the saw is fully assembled, it looks like some hand bow saws that you usually see in a shop like woodworking. Its anodized frame made of aluminum is unique and safely houses the support beams and blade to keep you safe and your belongings. The edge of this saw is made of hardened stainless steel, and it is being coated to endure rust. And it has a tooth pattern like a raker. Its unique tooth design is adaptable and offers the best precision regardless of the wood you cut.
Boreal21 Features

Pros and Cons of The Boreal21
This folding survival saw is compact, extremely well-made, and has a durable blade for you to use it longer, but this is more costly than other available options.

Folding Hand Saw with Ergonomic Handle (by Friendly Swede)

Are you looking for a survival saw that won’t occupy a ton of room? You can check and try using this tool from Friendly Swede, wherein this is a folding hand saw that is only 9 inches long when it’s not in use. This saw is fully capable of use through dry and wet brushes and its grip doubles as a blade storage slot. When being opened, you will have all access to its fine-tooth blade that has a length of 8 inches.

It has a smooth coating that helps prevent corrosion, and it lessens friction so you can have an efficient cutting experience. If its safety is your concern, there’s nothing to worry about as it has a small locking mechanism on its hinge that will prevent the blade from collapsing accidentally. This saw is durable and can hold its edge in place though using it on tricky cutting. Its handle has a superb grip even if how hard you are using this saw and is made of thermoplastic rubber.

Its Features

Pros and Cons
It has the best handle design, is ultra-portable, and has a blade locking mechanism that is reliable. Its cons is it needs to snake in a larger cord through the handle hole.

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw (Chain Survival Saw)

The Sportsman pocket chainsaw is a 36-inch long chain survival saw that is made of high carbon steel. It is strong enough to handle more significant cutting tasks than other survival saws, like cutting larger branches. This pocket saw from Sportsman has a substantial blade that is 36 inches, making it more economical for sawing larger 6 inches diameter logs. This is a high-quality tool with a chain made from heat-treated teeth and carbon steel and a cross-stitched set that will last longer due to its durability. You can easily sharpen the chain using any sharpening block of any grit chainsaw. This is a perfect survival saw for you to purchase if you want to cut down larger trees and branches.

Sportsman Packet Chainsaw Pros and Cons
Its chain blades are easy to re-sharpen, great for bigger branches, and its handles have a durable cross-stitched nylon. Some of its cons are less versatile for smaller tasks compared to other folding saws, and this saw requires two hands.

Compact Chain Survival Saw (by: Roadfare)

This survival saw is all hand-powered and uses a long chain decked out with serrated teeth with bi-directional cutting. The length of its blade measures 36 inches, is ultra-durable and crafted with high-carbon steel that is being heat-treated. While its teeth are farther apart and larger, they are just fine when you use them through thick tree trunks and branches. In both chains, the ends are two nylon grips. If you want to cut through woods, just simply wrap the chain around the piece and use your arms by moving in a forth and back motion. This pocket chainsaw has a small storage pouch, and you can clip it into your belt or toss it into your back. Its strong buckle upfront makes sure that the chainsaw stays put.

Roadfare Chain Survival Saw Features

Pros and Cons
It has hand straps that are durable and well-made chains that will last for a lifespan. It can easily cause blisters on its hand straps after use for so long.

Silky Bigboy 2000 Folding Saw

This folding survival saw is best for its brush clearing and stands out, having a more extended reach compared with some saws in its class. The length of its blades is 14.2 inches having extra-large teeth that are best suited for rigid branches or tangled brushes. This BIGBOY 2000 is one of the largest folding saws that you can buy on the market. It is highly functional and packed with hardened steel chrome plated blade having a low angle curve for cleaner and speedier cutting with large teeth in getting larger and stronger branches. It has a handle that measures 14 inches.

Pros and Cons
It has a low angle curve that speeds up the cutting process, a non-slip rubber grip, and for added durability, it has a chrome-plated blade. Some of its disadvantages are it is more costly than the REXBETI folding saw, and even if the design is only 1 lb., it isn’t that compact.

Mossy Oak Folding Knife and Folding Saw Kit

This folding knife and saw set features an innovative design that focuses more on gimmicks. It comes with a pocket knife that is 4.5 inches, and its blade is made of stainless steel that can be replaced entirely. This set has a unique pocket knife, and a large folding saw. The blade of the saw is made of 65MN steel. The exciting part and best thing about this hand saw is the locking mechanism. Its hinge system has two separate locks, wherein the first lock is a twisting knob that is used to lock the blade in its place. Once you open it, just use the knob to secure the blade to prevent accidental folding. You can find the other lock above the handle. By thumb pressing, you can easily fold the unit down. Both locks work together that provides ultimate safety and security.

Mossy Oak Folding Knife and Saw Kit Features

Pros and Cons
The kit has two great tools, and it has a fast-fold locking mechanism, but its handle can be slippery a little when it is wet.

Paracord Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain (by Skyocean)

Pocket Survival saw weighs only less than half a pound. This chainsaw by Skyocean is the epitome of what we call “portability.” This saw comes with an ordinary storage pouch. Its chain has a length of 36 inches, and on both ends are woven paracord handles. Its paracord gives extraordinary grip when you use this for cutting, and you can also unwind its cord, especially when you are in a pitch. The blade of this chainsaw is made of industrial-grade steel that is being heat-treated for more added strength.

Best Features of The Paracord Pocket Chainsaw

Pros and Cons
It is compact and easy to pack, the length of the chain allows for easy cutting, and it has multipurpose paracord handles, but its chain quality is not good or just average. It is not as smooth as the Sportsman pocket chainsaw and is less convenient compared to a folding saw.

The Friendly Swede Folding Hand Saw

Friendly Swede is the most compact folding survival saw with a handy paracord loop, which can be helpful for good gardening, wilderness journeys, emergencies forcing you to live off the land, and pruning tools. This is a durable and rugged folding saw of high quality, having a length of 8 inches. It has a strong steel blade of high carbon and powder-coated black for more prolonged use. It also has seven teeth per inch, giving you a precise and fine cut. This versatile little saw is easy for you to carry on. It can be folded over 9 in. long, having a paracord loop on its ergonomic end molded plastic handle. This makes this saw one of the most effortless folding survival saws in carrying and packing with you. These can make it a chore to cut larger branches using this saw through its small blades.

Friendly SwededPros and Cons
It has a high carbon steel chain, a nylon loop for quick belt attachment, and a compact and easy-to-pack tool. The problem here is you will have struggles with big branches, and it is not as heavy-duty as Silky bushcraft saw.

Corona RS16150 RazorTooth Folding Bushcraft Saw

If you are on a tight budget, this razor-tooth bushcraft by Corona is the best choice for you. The price of this tool is affordable to the public with its efficiency in harsh environments. This folding knife is equipped with a 10 inches curved blade that can help improve bite as you will cut woods. Its serration design is also impressive. Its teeth have 3-sided to ensure that you will get maximum power of cutting in every stroke. The materials of this saw are impulse-hardened steels, and it is plated in chrome for reducing friction and lasting durability. Its handle is molded plastic and has various patches of non-slippery rubber to help in improving grip. It has a contoured shape that will fit well in your hands to prevent fatigue. On top of its handle, you will see a shallow locking mechanism.

Corona RazorTooth Features

Pros and Cons of The Corona RazorTooth Folding Saw
This saw has a long blade length for easy sawing and an ergonomic handle, but its blade feels a little weak when used.

Gerber Exchange A Blade Saw That Folds

This is a nest folding saw if you are looking for an affordable one with its simple designs and is easy to carry. This folding saw is seven inches long, can be replaceable, and has interchangeable blades for various kinds of wood. It has a finely serrated blade used to cut bones and a coarse-toothed blade used to cut lumber. This interchangeability makes this item one of the best and cheapest survival saws for wilderness and backpacking adventures. Even if this tool is not big enough in cutting through large branches or logs, it will not tackle the type of bushcraft task. The Gerber 46036 is one of the easiest to carry saws that offer additional utility for wilderness and hunting uses. This small multipurpose saw is good for you with its not costly price, and it can get and accomplish more jobs.

Gerber Exchange A Blade Pros and Cons
Some of its pros are versatility for different kinds of woods; its blades are made of tough and high carbon steel; and compact, which is just over 7 inches. Its disadvantages are this can not as helpful in pruning as the Silky professional saw, and it is too small for large branches and logs.

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw with Low Profile Handle

The Laplander folding saw is compact, sleek, and has a similar in size to a pocket knife which adds significantly to its portability. This saw can be easily slipped inside your bag or pocket just to make sure that it is always within your reach. It has a small folded size, and the blade of its fine-tooth has seven teeth per inch. You can use this to cut hard or big wood and some rigid materials. It offers a smoother finish that will not cause any splintering. Its blade is made of stainless steel. It has additional coatings to protect the steel from some elements that can reduce friction. Its handle has a simple design but has an adequate grip. It is made of various plastics molded to have and make a grippy texture. This saw has a safety lock with its hinge, and the lock will work in both ways. You can also keep the blade in its place while you are working or when it is folded.

Features Of The Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Bahco Laplander Pros and Cons
This folding saw has a fantastic safety lock, but the problem is its strap as you want it to upgrade.

These are the seven best survival saws. Next, let’s look at the four important features to consider when buying the best folding saw for survival or survival wire saw.

What is the Best Folding and Pruning Saw?
If you want to buy the best folding saw, you need to know first what your needs are, the particular purpose of using these tools, and you need to consider what kinds of woods you want to cut.

For shelter building and versatile bushcraft uses, you need to consider having a medium grain folding saw having slightness in its blade curvature that can help get through thicker trees and their branches quickly.

A general rule of the saw is that it can cut well in any branch half the size of its blade.

Features You Need to Consider In Buying The Best Saw

  1. Materials of the Blade
    When looking for the best backpacking or bushcraft saw, always have a keen attention to the materials of the blade. Blade materials you need to consider are forged treated high carbon steel and balancing lightweight with durability and hardness. The standard for having high-quality bush saws is its high carbon steel.
  1. Teeth Coarseness
    A saw with fewer teeth per inch is a coarser saw that has an easier time in moving woods. But with its lesser bites, it will give you a rougher cut. Fine-toothed saws are preferable for cutting bones and butchering games wherein they have more strokes in getting the job well-done and leaving the smoother cut surface.
  1. Having a non-slip handle
    The best and perfect survival saw is one that can be easily held on to any kind of environment or weather conditions. It would be best if you looked for stitched nylon, rubberized grips, or handles that are braided paracord.

Pocket Chainsaw versus Folding Saw
You can use both a pocket chainsaw and a folding saw that is compact enough to carry it with you when you have wilderness adventures. Pocket chainsaws are slightly smaller when packed, and it is less convenient to use them in a pinch.

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