Neck Knives – The 10 Best for Survival and Defense

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While many think of a neck knife as a slasher you can get to in a hurry, there’s a lot more about this product. Neck knives can be very practical and are best either by opening pesky boxes and cutting into their packaging or as a holdout weapon in dire emergencies. This article will give you information to learn the features, pros, and cons of the ten best neck knives for survival and defense reviewed with prices.

In a moment, we will explore why you should carry a neck knife and the three key elements to consider when choosing one. But first, here are the 10 Best Neck Knives for Survival and Defense.

Ka-Bar Neck Knife – BK11 Becker Necker
Price = $48.64
The Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife is one of the best knives on the market today. It is sleek, practical, durable, and well-designed. It’s made of 1095 CroVan carbon steel, which is very strong and easy to sharpen. This means that its blade barely dulls after extended use, so you can use it for a long time.

The length of the blade is 3.25 inches, which is not small but is compact enough to be easily concealed. When you take its handle into account, the size of the whole thing is 6.75 inches. It has a carbon steel blade and a lightweight handle, and the knife only weighs 2.5 ounces. This will allow great fluidity when being used. When you add the sheath into the mix, it weighs 8.5 ounces for the whole thing.

Its sheath is also very impressive and is made from an injection-molded glass-filled black plastic that will keep your knife secure and protected from any problems.

Top Features

  1. Crogan carbon steel blade
  2. Includes a black plastic, injection-molded, glass-filled nylon sheath
  3. Used by all military branches and service members
  4. Tested to ensure durability and quality

Pros and Cons of the Ka-Bar Neck Knife
It’s a lightweight knife that has a carbon steel blade. It has a compact design and a high-quality sheath design. The problem is the handle could be a bit more functional, and it’s not a tiny neck knife compared to others.

CRKT neck knife – Columbia River Knife and Tool Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife
Price = $36.76

The CRKT neck knife is one of the most comfortable grip knives that will effortlessly fit your hand and stay in your grasp firmly during use. It has the best handle design right off the bat, is made from fiber, and is infused with polished resin.

This knife has a tiny overall size and is compact. Its blade is over 2 inches long, and its entire length is about 5 inches long, making it easy to conceal no matter what you wear. Its Bowie blade cuts nicely, has super functionality, and has aggressive finger grooves on the handle, making it easy to handle and hard to drop. Its Zytel sheath is top-notch as well.

More About This CRKT Neck Knife:

Pros and Cons of The CRKT Neck Knife
CRKT minimalist neck knife is the best small neck knife option. Its handle is easy to grip, and its blade cuts effortlessly. Its disadvantage is the grooves in the handle might not work for those with small fingers, and its belt loop is not as impressive as the rest of the product quality.

Instinct Mini SOG Neck Knife
Price $31.01 to $33.49
This SOG neck knife was recently voted the best small neck knife on the market. It has a 1.9-inch blade, and this knife is portable, compact, and easy to conceal. SOG has been producing high-quality survival and self-defense products for years.

This knife has no glaring issues regarding its functionality and is just an all-around solid piece of gear. Its stainless steel blade is sharp, short, and easy to wield. Despite being small, this knife feels natural to hold. It has a finger pocket handle design and an easy-to-grip texture that makes it hard for you to slip out of your grasp because it is lightweight and easy to carry without sacrificing durability and strength.


  1. A small tactical knife with a sheath has a small fixed-blade knife for the protection knife kit and EDC gear. The tactical knife measures 4.8 inches in total length.
  2. Satin 5CR15MOV stainless steel. This knife’s full-tang blade and durable steel construction make it solid enough to handle challenging tasks like a backup hunting knife or military knife. Its straight-edge clip point is also useful.
  3. EDC Neck Knife. This knife is lightweight, weighing only 1.4 oz., and is excellent for you to carry daily. You can use this as a boot knife or belt knife with a swivel sheath clip or a neck knife with an included neck chain.
  4. Textured G10 Handle. It has a G10 handle with finger grooves that enhance grips, ergonomics, and blade control of this compact tac knife for you to get maximum control.
  5. SOG care. SOG knives are built to last, but these tools require initial turning adjustments, lubrication, regular cleaning, and sharpening.

Pros and Cons Of The SOG Neck Knife
The SOG Instinct Mini Knife is small with a compact design, and it has a lightweight build with a durable and sharp stainless steel blade for you to carry around easily. Its initial tuning is not as straightforward as it should be.

Kershaw Neck Knife Dune With Full Tang
Price = $27.32
Kershaw’s Dune full tang neck knife has a different design than other neck knives. It is thin and long, like a straight razor or a mini-sword, and has a sleek black oxide coating on its blade. The blade is 3.8 inches long, and the entire knife is 7 inches long. This might be too long for some users, but its thin design makes up for it, and it only weighs 4 ounces.

The sheath is molded to fit its blade rightly and allows the knife to snap into place perfectly. If you are okay with a slightly lengthier and different design than other options, this knife is an excellent choice.


  1. Lightweight injection-molded nylon handle for increased strength.
  2. 3Cr13 stainless steel gives excellent stability and strength.
  3. It has a molded sheath with lanyard security that snaps the knife into place.
  4. You can easily carry around the neck, bag, pack, pocket, purse, toolbelt, glove box, emergency kit, and the like.

Pros and Cons Of The Dune Full Tang Neck Knife
The sheath is very secure and easy to handle grip. The build quality of the blade is awe-inspiring. Its cons are that the lanyard won’t blow you away and is a little on the long side.

MT Knives Neck Knife – Genesis EDC Survival
Price = $125-$160
This MT Knives neck knife is a great product made by a great company. Its build quality is impressive, especially for beginners in the prepping world, and you can feel its solidity and readiness for action when you hold it.

Its blade is made of stainless steel and is corrosion-resistant. This tool will stay sharp for a long time without any maintenance or constant sharpening. MT knives are so committed to this that they offer a lifetime guarantee. The entire knife weighs 2.5 ounces, including the sheath, and the neck knife is 1.65 ounces, and its blade is 2.6 inches. When it comes to its length, it is an average-sized neck knife, and its weight is pretty impressive. Overall, this is a solid knife that you will be satisfied with. It is well-rounded and can fit a wide variety of needs.


  1. High-grade BOHLER N690 Cobalt stainless steel
  2. 2.5 ounces only with the sheath
  3. Superior craftsmanship makes for a sharp blade
  4. It comes with a lifetime guarantee

Genesis EDC Survival Neck Knife Pros and Cons
It is lightweight and made from stainless steel of high quality. But it is a bit expensive, and the sheath does not hold the blade as snug as other knives.

Spyderco Ark Neck Knife – Fixed Blade
The price is $82.60
The Spyderco Ark neck knife is a solid all-around neck knife that can be used in different situations like self-dense and survival. It is pretty small, making it an excellent tool for everyday carry solutions. One of the best features of this knife is its handle. It is made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon that is textured and highly durable.

Despite not having finger ridges, it is still easy for you to hold and use. The blade is 2.5 inches long, the entire knife is below 5 inches, and the weight is only 0.96 ounces. Its sheath is also very secure.


Spyderco Ark Neck Knife Pros and Cons
It has an excellent handle build quality and an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, but it has a bulky sheath.

Rapid Deployment Tactical Neck Knife by Sheffield
Price = $ 16.10
The rapid deployment tactical neck knife looks like it means business from its deep finger grooves to its aggressive body angle. It feels like a powerful survival tool when you are handling it. Its blade is durable, well-made, and extremely strong. You can exert much force on this knife without having any issues.

This makes it the best choice for those who want to use this as a survival tool and not just for self-defense. It has a black nylon fiberglass handle, and from its finger grooves to its texture, there is no excuse that this knife will slip out of your hands. This Sheffield neck knife measures around 5.50 inches, which includes about 2.25 inches for the blade and 3.25 inches for its handle. This is a good length that balances its compact with the value for easy handling. Its sheath is well-made and securely stores the knife without appearing too bulky.


  1. It has a 420 stainless steel blade for durability and maximum strength
  2. Offers comfort and knife-to-handle ratio that maximizes leverage for precision cutting
  3. It features a black nylon fiberglass handle that is 3.25 inches long.
  4. It has a lanyard opening and a slim design.

Pros and Cons Of The Rapid Deployment Tactical Neck Knife
It has a robust stainless steel blade and finger grooves that make it easy to grip. Some of its cons are that this knife might need a bit of initial sharpening, and it can become a little sticky when you remove it from the sheath.

James Gibson Pinch Fixed Neck Knife by ESEE Knives
The price is $42.99
If you are looking for a small neck knife, this neck knife by ESEE might be the best option for you. Its length is only 3.4 inches, and the fixed blade only weighs one ounce. This is one of the best compact knives on the market nowadays. You can carry this tool around your neck or store it in any safe place without issues. Its carbon steel blade has a nice black oxide finish that makes it have a clean look. The sheath uses a magnet to secure its edge.


  1. Small and compact design
  2. Includes a unique molded neck sheath with magnetic retention that is secure
  3. Made from a slab of 1095 carbon steel
  4. Stonewashed black oxide finish

James Gibson Pitch Fixed Neck Knife Pros and Cons
This knife is extremely small and affordable at the same time. But the disadvantage is there’s no sheath lanyard, and the handle can feel a little bit awkward when using larger hands.

MTECH USA Xtreme MX-8035 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife
The price is $15.97
The Xtreme MX-8035 is an effective self-defense tool with a clean handle and a full-tang curved design. Its stainless steel blade can hold whatever things you throw at it that require minimal maintenance. The entire knife has a length of 7 inches, with over half of it coming from its blade.

If you are searching for something compact and small, you might want to consider buying this. It has a solid sheath that feels secure and stable, is a little bulky, and includes a lanyard.


  1. 440 stainless steel, a curved hollow ground blade with a brushed finish.
  2. Full tang neck knife with a sharp curved blade.
  3. Includes Micarta handle for a solid grip and a black molded Kydex sheath.

MTECH USA Xtreme MX-8035 Pros and Cons
Xtreme MX-8035 is a high-quality build that is affordable and easy to grip, but this tool is a bit on the large side, and its sheath is a bit bulky.

Fixed Blade Tanto Point Neck Knife by Survival Frog
Price = $29.97
This neck knife is geared more toward the survival scene and can be used for self-defense. Despite all the whistles and the bells, it is still a small knife overall. Its blade is made from stainless steel, which feels extremely durable. Its blade’s back end is serrated, which gives some versatility. Its well-made sheath has a signal mirror and compass to make you feel more confident when you are out in the wilderness.

Tanto Point Neck Knife Features

  1. Just the right size. The beauty of this neck knife is that it is the right size to fit comfortably on your belt or around your neck. It measures 5.5″ long with a 2.9″ fixed blade. This little knife won’t become too bulky or weigh you down while walking, hiking, or traveling.
  2. Convenient to use. Preppers love the convenience of this survival tool. It has a variety of lanyard holes for slipping paracord or rope to string it around your neck, which gives 24/7 disaster preparedness.
  3. Multi-purpose EDC tool. This sharp knife can easily slice through rope, paracord, and other materials. Its impressive nylon fiber sheath contains a navigational compass and signal mirror that will allow you to find your way and get rescued in different emergencies.
  4. Supper Grippy. This knife has a grippy G10 handle for you to feel confident when you are slicing, dicing, cutting, and hacking, even in the wettest conditions, without losing your grip.

Tanto Point Neck Knife Pros and Cons
A tactical fixed-blade knife has a compact design and a well-made sheath. It comes with a compass and signal mirror, and the problem here is its handle when it comes to grip.

Reasons Why You Need to Carry a Neck Knife
Before digging deeper into the intricacies of choosing the best knife appropriate to your needs, we should clarify that these kinds of knives are not just for you to look cool or for fashion styles. These are some reasons why you need to have one:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Neck Knife

Blade Construction and Materials
First, the blade’s construction is critical to its longevity and durability. Steel knives are the most common, either high-carbon or stainless, with different designs. These knives are more utilitarian and practical but will not pass a metal detector.

Stainless materials are cheaper and more corrosion-resistant for you to still oil on your knife and always keep it dry. Steel knives high in carbon are also better at holding an edge but require more care and maintenance, like rust removal and oiling.

Intended Use and Design
Another essential factor you need to consider is its intended use. It is significant to know in what situations you plan to use your knife, and the two most common reasons are survival and self-defense.

If you are searching for a general-use knife for opening packages and doing miscellaneous work, you don’t want a spike or a push dagger.

Always match your knife to your specific tasks. Now that you know the particular situations where you will expect to use your neck knife, look through that lens when selecting and buying your favorite.

Size and Weight
If you are searching to carry a knife that is being concealed, consider the size and weight of the knife that you can comfortably hang around your neck. If you always wear fitted or tight clothing, do you want to have a bulky knife outlined on your chest? Its comfort is also a concern. Weight and length will matter a lot, like when you are carrying a knife like a necklace, so you will consider buying something that works for you that is not too heavy or too long for you to wear comfortably.

Neck Knife Sheath
Having a good sheath is vital for a neck knife. You can test your sheath by picking your knife up and shaking it a little bit or whatever test you think is reasonable for your activity level. It must be able to retain the blade just fine, or if not, look for something else. Find a sheath with snaps or some solid closure. If you are not looking for a defensive tool, it does not matter if it will take seconds to get it out.

Choosing the best neck knife for you does not have to be difficult. All you need to do is consider and look at the main factors that will impact its effectiveness.


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