Tactical Survival Shovels – Top 10 Best Camping Shovels

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Having at least one tactical survival shovel will make surviving any disaster or emergency easier. A survival shovel is a must-have for any camper, adventurer, hiker, soldier, or outdoor enthusiast. It will become one of your most used tools when camping, hiking, or being forced outdoors due to a natural or man-made disaster. It comprises 15+ tools in one; all of them are suited for different purposes.

You can use a survival shovel in unexpected situations other than digging. The best camping shovel may also work if it has the features. If you are looking for a tactical shovel, we will help narrow down your search. Below is our detailed guide with the top 10 survival shovels reviewed.

Top 10 Tactical Survival Shovels Reviewed

Tyger Auto Shovel Compact Tool
Tyger Auto Shovel is the best tool to purchase for any camper looking for a multipurpose survival shovel. It is a 16-in-1 multipurpose shovel suited for hiking, camping, off-loading, backpacking, SUVing, disaster recovery, RV camping, military, cadets, 4-wheeling, and many more. The shovel is prepared for any situation.

This US-registered shovel is made from solid carbon steel and anodized aluminum, guaranteeing excellent performance and durability. You only have to pull the slider to switch modes with the switch mechanism. It has a compact design that allows you to store it in your vehicle for emergencies or fit it in your backpack for outdoor adventures.

Tyger Auto Shovel has an included storage bag that allows you to carry the shovel for any outdoor adventure. If you need a more extended handlebar, you can purchase an extension cord separately to give you ultimate comfort when using the shovel.

It includes multiple accessories, such as an ice pick, knife, fire starter, and screwdriver, that will be beneficial in any outdoor situation. You can assemble and disassemble it quickly because it has a simple design, but you should practice it before using it. In addition, the shovel has a suitable thickness and can sharpen the head to provide ultimate efficiency.

Tyger Auto Shovel Pros
· It is a multipurpose and good emergency tool
· Lightweight enough to carry anywhere
· Compact design makes it easy to store in tight areas
· It is simple to maintain and build to last

Tyger Auto Shovel Cons
· Most customers find the handlebar a bit short. You will need to purchase an extension handle separately.

HX Outdoors Survival Shovel Multitool
Here is another good choice for the best survival shovel because it is lightweight, compact, and multifunctional. You can carry and use this multitool shovel anywhere because it is compact and lightweight, weighing only 1.3lb. Just pack it in the included shovel case and load it on your backpack for any outdoor activity.

The survival tool is made with military-grade stainless steel and thick aluminum tubes that make it sturdy enough to withstand rugged outdoor activities or emergencies. It has a robust coating that allows it to rest rust and corrosion.

It is an all-in-one tool with everything you need. This military-grade shovel includes an ax, saw, disgorger, snow excavator, whistle, bottle opener, hammer, hoe, hook, etc. It is versatile and heavy-duty and can be used for heavy jobs as a sand shovel, snow shovel, gardening shovel, or sturdy tactical shovel.

On the sides of the head, it has a wood saw that can handle jobs like cutting small branches or breaking apart rocks on the way. The other impressive thing about this shovel is its handle, which feels sturdy and comfortable. It gives you an excellent grip such that you can use it for hours without getting blisters, making it one of the most comfortable shovels on the market.

HX Outdoors Survival Shovel Multitool Pros
· It measures 18.5″ when fully assembled and weighs 1.3lb
· It is a multifunction and versatile tool
· Made with sturdy materials that withstand rugged outdoor survival activities
· Lightweight and foldable
· It is resistant to corrosion and rust

HX Outdoors Survival Shovel Multitool Cons
· Nothing to report at the moment.

Zune Lotoo F-A3 Tactical Camping Shovel
Are you looking for a portable yet simple tactical survival shovel? If yes, the Zune Lotoo camping shovel has multiple features that will make your outdoor activity good. Thanks to the number of functions, it is built for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency rescuers.

The Zune Lotoo F-A3 Tactical Camping Shovel includes:
· A bottle opener
· extension tubes
· steel wire saw
· survival rope
· fish spear
· survival whistle
· fire starter
· camera support
· and storage bag

Carrying and storing this shovel is simple because it is easy to disassemble, assemble, and put in the included portable case.

The shovel has a 7-key handle lock that allows you to shift angles from 0-150 degrees and lock to your perfect angle. This survival tool is made of Martensitic steel with unbelievable toughness, and you can use it in all environments because it is rust-resistant. Moreover, the shovelhead has increased thickness and wide joint construction, making it extra solid.

The handles of this shovel are made of lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum tubes with an excellent finish that resists scratches and rust. Besides, the handle has a non-slip rubber sleeve that gives you comfort and protection. Its head has no welds or screws in parts; it is 100% unbreakable.

This tactical survival shovel can be used for hammering, backpacking, off-roading, hiking, camping, digging, bottle opening, gardening, hunting, and sawing.

The Zune Lotoo F-A3 Tactical Camping Shovel Pros
· The construction of this shovel is heavy-duty and durable
· It is an all-in-one multipurpose survival tool
· Simple to assemble and store
· Comfortable and safe to use

The Zune Lotoo F-A3 Tactical Camping Shovel Cons
· Compared to other models, this one is heavy
· Not suitable for the price.

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel
A good survival tactical shovel should be compact, multipurpose, durable, functional, and practical. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel has all the things and features you need in a survival shovel. It is a great multipurpose shovel for camping, hiking, expedition, car emergency, backing, hunting, gardening, and outdoor adventures.

If you decide to invest in this tool, you will save lots of money. The reason is that it has 23 reliable and durable tools that can slice, dig, peel, slice, and much more.

The Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel includes:
· a trowel
· hammer
· hoe
· shovel
· fire starter
· knife
· screwdriver
· spear
· ax
· hook
· saw
· wirecutter
· bottle opener
· whistle
· nail puller
· ice pick
· rope cutter
· disgorger
· and a window breaker

The Sahara Sailor survival shovel is constructed of hardened solid carbon steel to handle any situation. Its handle is made of anodized aluminum tubes, making it vital for any task. The handle is well-padded to protect your hand from blisters. To simplify carrying and storage, you can fold and expand the shovel by twisting the lock.

It includes a durable carrying bag that can be used for years without fading or tearing. Furthermore, it has a simple design that will allow you to assemble and disassemble it with ease, and it won’t require much space for storage. The price tag is reasonable, and it has hundreds of positive reviews from customers who have already used the survival shovel.

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel Pros
· The tool is collapsible and portable
· Versatile and multifunctional
· Made from heavy-duty carbon steel and aluminum
· It has multiple tactical survival tools, all of them practical, reliable, and durable

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel Cons
· The threads on the handles wear down quickly. As the threads wear down, the shovel loses its strength, making it difficult to get the leverage you want.

Zune Lotoo Survival Camping Shovel
This must-have tool saves you the money you would have spent on multiple survival tools for different outdoor adventures. You won’t have to carry all those items in a bulky storage box; carry the shovel, and you’re set for any outdoor activity. The shovel can withstand up to 1060 pounds and is suitable for hiking, fishing, camping, gardening, military purposes, off-loading, backpacking, and many more.

It is a portable shovel that can be disassembled for easy storage in your vehicle. Measuring 29.7″ L x 5.9″ x 1″ H, it weighs only 3.97 pounds. You can keep the shovel in the included backpack or store it in your vehicle, and it won’t take up much space. The camping shovel has a carbon steel head for increased thickness and a robust coating that resists rusting and corrosion.

The Zune Lotoo Survival Camping Shovel includes:
· portable carrying bag
· bottle opener
· shovel
· fish hook
· food cutter
· fire starter
· camera support
· wire saw
· survival whistle
· rope
· a 2″ extension tube

Zune Lotoo’s tactical survival tool is adjustable, where you can adjust the angle range from 0 to 150 degrees with a single-handed operation. The handle is well structured to ensure it conforms well to your hand to protect you from blisters and injuries. Besides, the handle is made from heavy-duty aluminum that can tolerate any task and is simple to use.

Zune Lotoo Survival Camping Shovel Pros
· The shovel is lightweight and portable
· Easy to assemble and disassemble
· It is a multifunction and reliable tool
· The handle is anti-slip and comfortable to use

Zune Lotoo Survival Camping Shovel Cons
· Too light for heavy-duty jobs
· Some of the included tools don’t work as advertised.

TAC9ER Tacticool 15-in-1 Tactical Shovel
With this TAC9ER tactical multitool, you will have a unique tool that prepares you for any emergency. This tool will get an ax, serrated knife, hex driver, wire cutter, saw, hoe, harpoon, hammer, bottle opener, Phillips head bit, a fire starter, and a flathead bit.

The TAC9ER Tacticool 15-in-1 tactical shovel is designed for outdoor activities such as:
· gardening
· hiking
· rescue operations
· backpack
· off-loading
· hunting
· fishing
· camping
· disaster recovery

The tactical survivor shovel is constructed of carbon steel and aircraft-grade aluminum that can withstand heavy-duty tasks. Its handle has a perfect design that suits any hand and provides maximum support and comfort in all weather conditions. It features a threaded lock system that keeps the shovel’s blade in position to keep you protected while working.

This shovel weighs only 2.2 lbs and measures 22″ when fully assembled. It comes with a 9″ by 6″ nylon carrying pouch. You can store it in your car emergency kit, backpack, survival gear, or camping gear.

TAC9ER Tacticool 15-in-1 Tactical Shovel Pros
· The handle length is adequate and comfortable
· It folds down to a small size, and it is easy to store
· The included tools are practical and reliable
· Compact and portable
· It has a reasonable price

TAC9ER Tacticool 15-in-1 Tactical Shovel Cons
· The screw mechanics are not that good
· The ax attachment turns loose and doesn’t tighten quite enough.

FiveJoy Military Shovel
FiveJoy military folding shovel is an all-in-one survival tool designed to have many valuable functions for gardening, camping, hiking, off-loading, backpacking, and any outdoor adventure.

You can easily dig trenches with this tool equipped with:
· A fire starter
· emergency whistle
· blade
· serrated saw
· hammer
· hidden rescue knife
· bottle opener
· saw
· and more

Lightweight and compact, it is an essential tool to add to your outdoor first aid survival kit, and you can easily fit it in your backpack or the trunk of your vehicle. You can attach the included carrying case to make carrying and storage easy. The storage bag is spacious enough to accommodate the shovel and can be stored in areas with limited space.

It is constructed from high-carbon steel that withstands harsh conditions and has a strong finish that protects against scratches, rust, and corrosion. The tool has anti-slip, quick-dry handles made from aerospace-grade aluminum, offering maximum strength and durability. Its slip-resistant foam cushion is water-resistant and quick-dry, and it works well with all types of gloves.

Unlike the other folding camping shovels, you can adjust the shovel’s angle using its screw-locking device, making alternate functions and positions easy. The spade can be used at 30, 85, and 180-degree angles as a hoe, hook, and shovel. Moreover, it has a well-engineered handle that provides enough user control and comfort to reduce hand fatigue.

FiveJoy Military Shovel Pros
· It is a compact and portable multitool
· Built with lots of functionality, and it has a low weight for backpacking
· The construction is sturdy and built to last
· At only 2lbs, you can take the survival shovel anywhere

FiveJoy Military Shovel Cons
· The tools stored in the handle are redundant
· The shovel head is slightly small, and the handle does not hold up well.

Survival Folding Tactical Shovel
Here is another tactical survival tool worth investing in. The multitool has everything you need for any outdoor adventure.

This Survival shovel includes:
· A hex wrench
· wire cutter
· serrated knife
· harpoon
· saw
· bottle opener
· safety hammer
· flathead bit
· Phillips head bit
· and a magnesium rod fire starter

Moreover, it has an adjustable shovelhead that you can adjust according to your needs.

This is the best camping shovel, but it can still be used for hiking, gardening, backpacking, hunting, expeditions, traveling, fishing, emergencies, and outdoor survival. The tool is made of military-grade stainless steel that can withstand years of use without bending, and it has a handle made of thick aluminum tubes that make it strong enough for any job.

With its compact size and lightweight design, you can take this shovel anywhere and place it in your car as an emergency tool. It is a super small entrenching tool that measures 26.6″ when fully assembled, and it weighs only 2lb, making it simple to carry and store. You can pack it in the included shovel and take it anywhere, either on a backpack or belt for camping gear.

It has a rotatable 45-180-degree rotatable blade, which you can use as a hook at 45 degrees, like a shovel at 180 degrees, or as a hoe at 90 degrees. Adjust the angle to various needs. Thanks to its foam grip, the handle has a comfortable design, and you can use it without experiencing slips.

· It has a total length of 26.6 inches and weighs 2lbs
· The shovel head is made of high-quality stainless steel
· Ideal tool for any outdoor adventure
· It is compact, lightweight, and easy to store
· Versatile and multipurpose tool

· It needs more oversized footpegs.

M48 Kommando Survival Shovel
When engaging in your favorite outdoor activity, you can find yourself exposed to a world of emergencies. Luckily, with the M48 Kommando survival shovel, you can handle any outdoor activity during routine and emergencies. The shovel measures 16.25″ in length and has a modern design that brings more user comfort.

The M48 Kommando survival shovel head is made of tempered stainless steel that is bend-resistant and can be sharpened to increase its performance. Still, the shovelhead has a black oxide coating that protects the head from rusting and corrosion, making it ideal for use in different environments. The blade’s tang has three strong rivets that firmly attach the blade to the handle.

It has a sturdy handle made from molded nylon with 30% fiberglass, making it impact-resistant and durable. This is an ideal tool for light chopping, camping, hiking, gardening, or it can be used as a defensive weapon. Carrying and storing the shovel will be easy because it comes with a nylon belt pouch.

The shovel point edge is well-sharpened, with a serrated edge on one side and a concave edge on the other, making it great for sawing and light chopping. Therefore, if you are looking for a good survival tool that doubles as an entrenching military and defensive weapon, the M48 Kommando tactical shovel is your best tool.

The only drawback is that it is pretty short, making it hard to hold. Also, unlike other tactical survival shovels, it is not collapsible.

M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel Pros
· It is suitable for camping and outdoor use
· The construction is built to last and can work in any environment
· Its head is sharp and has many edges to tackle a wide range of tasks
· The handle is comfortable and offers the perfect grip

M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel Cons
· The tool is not collapsible
· It is pretty short.

EST Gear Survival Shovel 18-in-1 Tool
Last but not least, we have this lifesaving survival tool suitable for any outdoor adventure. Thanks to its lightweight and packable design, you can carry it anywhere and store it in tight spaces.

This outdoor multipurpose tool includes a camping ax, saw, knife, bottle opener, spear, hoe, fire starter, wire cutter, hexagon wrenches, ice pick, nail puller, hook, ruler, and waterproof pouch.

You can use the waterproof pouch to store essential supplies such as a compass, whistle, rope cutter, etc. It is constructed of quality, solid carbon steel that can last for years, even for demanding tasks. The handle is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, which offers enough strength, and the handle has a non-slip grip that guarantees user comfort in any weather condition.

The EST Gear Survival Shovel weighs only 3 pounds, and the lightweight shovel is hassle-free to carry anywhere. The shovel head has a unique design; one side is serrated, while the other is sharpened to serve different purposes. Moreover, it is suitable for camping, hiking, expeditions, car emergencies, backing, hunting, gardening, and outdoor adventures.

Investing in this shovel can save you a lot of money that you would have used to buy tools for different outdoor activities.

The EST Gear Survival Shovel Pros
· It includes 18 reliable survival tools
· Sturdy and durable
· The tool is lightweight and versatile
· Its long, comfortable handle reduces back pain

The EST Gear Survival Shovel Cons
· The multitool is overpriced.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Tactical Survival Shovel: Buyer’s Guide
Tactical survival shovels are designed to handle different tasks. Before making a final decision, you must keep essential considerations and buy a model that will suit your needs. Here are the vital factors you consider before buying a tactical survival shovel.

The two critical components of a tactical shovel are the shovel blade and handle. You must keenly check these two components because they determine how well the tool will serve you. The shovel blade or head should be made from quality carbon steel that offers enough strength to tackle any job, and it should have a strong coating that will protect against rust and corrosion. Moreover, some shovels have a serrated design that increases the ability to cut and can be sharpened to improve their performance.

The handle can be made from multiple materials, such as wood, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, metal, and aluminum when it comes to the handle. Avoid plastic handles as much as possible because they become brittle or break when exposed to sunlight. Wood is another good option that is easy to maintain, strong, and durable. Fiberglass is another good option because it is weatherproof and doesn’t break easily.

Lastly, metal handles, such as aluminum, are the best to purchase. Aluminum is a lightweight material that allows you to carry the tool anywhere. Still, they are the best option for anyone on a budget. However, aluminum can rust when used in humid areas, and it is susceptible to bending when used under high pressure.

This is the most critical factor in a tactical survival shovel. Tactical shovels are handy, easy to carry, and collapsible to fit in a backpack. Concentrate on getting a shovel that can be collapsed into a small size. It should also have a storage pouch to make your work easy. Moreover, it should be compact enough to fit into tight spaces once collapsed.

Tactical survival shovels have different designs with different prices. You should keep in mind that the more tools it has, the more it will cost you. If you need a shovel that will serve you for years, invest in a shovel that costs over $50. It may seem pricey to some, but you will see it is worth it later. However, you can find other options below $50, but check if they have all before you purchase. If you are on a budget, you can invest in a shovel that costs just $20. With such a budget, you will get a quality tactical shovel that will serve all your needs.

We have survival shovels with more than ten tools in our guide. Most of them have an ax, shovel, saw disgorger, snow excavator, whistle, bottle opener, hammer, hoe, hook, etc. The more tools it has, the more you have to pay. Getting a shovel with multiple instruments is vital because you don’t have to buy or carry numerous tools in a bulky box. So, investing in a shovel with as many tools as possible is good to save you money and space.

Before buying any product in the market, its primary purpose is the first thing you must consider. What do you need it for? You have to ask yourself this question. In particular, tactical shovels have different designs for users, from explorers, campers, soldiers, hikers, gardeners, and outdoor enthusiasts. For instance, if you need it for camping, ensure it has all the tools to help you survive in camp or in an emergency.

Bottom Line
By now, we believe you know what a survival shovel is, its purpose, and how to choose the best. Our guide has the best tactical survival shovels for multiple and diverse outdoor adventures, such as camping, hiking, backpacking, gardening, rescue operations, fishing, and hunting.

Our top recommendation is the Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel for anyone looking for a practical, multipurpose, versatile, portable, and easy-to-use tool. However, you can give any of the other products a try.


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